Trump 2024 Flag Hammock

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Trump 2020 USA stripes flag
Trump 2020 patriotic American flag
Trump 2020 USA stripes flag
Trump 2020 patriotic American flag

Trump 2024 Flag Hammock

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The Trump 2024 Flag hammock is a special edition to show the support for president Trump and his legacy.  The patriotic flag hammock is held by 50 strong ropes, symbolizing the 50 United States of America. The hammock bed has 13 stripes and two memorable side borders with TRUMP 2024 message sign. 

The red wooden spreader bars hammock is handcrafted with hand twisted weather resistant 100% USA polyester and used it thousands of yards of thread for comfort, strength and support.  The comfortable hammock has plenty room to lay in any direction. This hammock is suitable for garden, beach, indoor or outdoor spaces.

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Trump 2024 Hammock chair  

    Total Length: XL Approx 151"L X 36"W

    Bed Size: 99"L X 36"W stretches

    Side Borders Size: 99"L X 8"W

    Hanging Distant: 12'- 6" to 14'- 6"

    Wooden Spreader Bar: 1 5/8" D X 36" L

    Design: Handwoven USA flag bed | 2 red wooden spreader bars | 2 TRUMP 2024 crocheted red borders with white letters stitched sign | 2 red clews with a total of 48 ropes | 4 blue and 2 white tassels.

    Material: USA weather resistant poly

    Max. Weight Capacity: 530 lb

    Accommodate: 1 person

    Colors: Red, white and blue

    Spreader Bars: Sustainable carved pine wood from well managed forestry-- finished with 3-Eco-friendly red non-toxic insect repellent seal coats.

    Total Weight: 10 lb 3 oz

    Galvanized Steel Hardware: Included

    Brand: Maga Hammocks

    Made in: El Salvador with USA materials

    Delivery: Free delivery 2 to 3 weeks within USA. Express domestic & international delivery is available at customer cost at checkout.

    Package Total Weight: 12 lb 3 oz

    Pkg Dim: 39"L X 9"W X 6"H

    Warranty: 1 year

    Refund & Exchange: New items for refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery.