Custom-made Hammock

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custom hammock with spreader bar
Custom hammock handcrafted with cotton
Custom hammock with name
custom hammock with spreader bar
Custom hammock handcrafted with cotton
Custom hammock with name

Custom-made Hammock

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This comfortable hammock is handcrafted with hand twisted USA cotton rope. The hammock's side borders can be customize with your personal specifications. Add a personal touch to your hammock with a special name or business name, your home country or a special message. 

The hammock has space for 12 to 24 upper case letters per side and a total of 48 letters to create your personal design. For special details sent us a message. 



      Total Length: approx. 151" ring to ring

      Bed Size:Approx 99"L X 43" W stretches

      Side Borders:Approx 99”L X 16”W

      Clew Size: 26”Length

      Spreader Bar Dimensions: 1 5/8" D X 36” L

      Hanging Distance: 12’-7” to 14’- 7”

      Max. Weight Capacity: 530 lb

      Accommodate: 1 person

      Hammock Total Weight: 10 lb. 4 oz


      Total Length: approx. 176" ring to ring

      Bed: Approx 116"L X 47"W stretches

      Side Borders:Approx 116”L X 16”W

      Clew Size: 30”Length

      Spreader Bar Dim: 1 5/8"D X 41.5”L

      Hanging Distance: 14’-7” to 16’- 7”

      Max. Weight Capacity: 630 lb

      Accommodate: 2 adults + 1 child

      Hammock Total Weight: 13 lb 6 oz

      Design: Custom - Personalized Hand-crafted

      Material: High quality 100% unbleached hand twisted cotton rope which prevent body pressure and skin marks.

      Color: Unbleached natural ecru

      Spreader Bars: Sustainable carved wood from managed forestry finished w/Eco-friendly non-toxic insect repellent seal coats. The bars have 24 holes per bar - eliminate rope friction.

      Heavy Duty Steel Hardware: Included

      Brand: Maga Hammocks

      Made in: El Salvador with USA cotton rope

      Delivery: 4 to 6 week delivery within USA mainland. Express domestic & International delivery is available at customer cost at checkout.

      Single Size Pkg. Total Weight: 12 lb 4 oz

      Pkg Dim: 39"L X 9"W X 6"H

      Family Size Pkg. Total Weight: 14 lb 4 oz

      Pkg Dim: 43"L X 10"W X 6"H

      Warranty: 1 year

      Refund & Exchange: Custom hammocks are not refundable.